2 sides of Same Coin

A net zero future can potentially be two sides of the same coin. One side where the earth temperatures, ice melt, ocean Ph and various forms of life impacted by CC have become stable and potentially created new venues of sustainable business/markets shared across the global society. However, the other side could potentially bring an expansion of population, greater life expectancy thus demanding more resources for food, housing, water, raw materials. There needs to be a  balanced solution when one problem is solved, it doesn’t create 10 new issues to mitigate.

New business or professional opportunities a net zero future could create for me personally? I’m going to start with water, currently I live in southern California where the state is in a drastic drought. Designing and perfecting a complete, efficient, economic household solar/battery powered system to extract humidity out of the air could initiate a potential business line. I understand the technology exists but still needs to be perfected. Similar to solar panel credits, the state or federal government could help subsidize promoting a model such as this, where it is automated/valved to separate from the existing incoming city water supply. The engineering solutions can be endless.    

-By Patrick Dasis from San Diego, USA