UNFCC NDC and ENEP reports

on Spotify, pay attention at 44 mins

We are discussing a prosperous net zero world this week – but you probably have heard in the media about three reports issued in the last few days, warning of severe challenges on the way to that future.  If you want to look into those reports, the UNFCC NDC (national commitments) report is downloadable here; the UNEP ’emissions gap’ report is here; and the IEA world energy outlook report is here.  I have no doubt that there will be more difficult reading to assimilate in the coming weeks running up to COP27 – all of which only serves to prove the imperative for business of acting fast and at scale.

Please listen to this podcast to keep us with hope! Mental health is so important! So many parallels with what we need to be as climate warriors: this CISL course should offer us all the system of care, including the ability to care for our mental health as well, the network and access to resources. This is about integration and not separation nor extraction. This podcast felt like it had been recoded for us.

-By Renata Andrade