Author: hahamama

Carbon Markets HK

Despite their immense potential, carbon markets face several significant challenges. Seeing sustainability as the key to a better future, many countries have embarked on their sustainability journey of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by mid-century, collective efforts have surged globally across sectors in combating climate change. Among these, Mainland China has pledged to reach a […]

Carbon Trade: a primer

In a nutshell, carbon markets are trading systems in which carbon credits are sold and bought. Companies or individuals can use carbon markets to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing carbon credits from entities that remove or reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One tradable carbon credit equals one tonne of carbon dioxide or the […]

Data Analysis v. Data Analytics

The terms Data Analysis and Data Analytics are often used interchangeably, including in this site. However it is important to note that there is a subtle difference between the terms and meaning of the words Analysis and Analytics. In fact some people go far as saying that these terms mean different things and should not […]

Understanding Data Analysis

Data analysis is the process of gathering, cleaning, analyzing and mining data, interpreting results, and reporting the findings. With data analysis we find patterns within data and correlations between different data points. And it is through these patterns and correlations that insights are generated, and conclusions are drawn. Data analysis helps businesses understand their past […]

Data Science: Roles and Ecosystem

Today, organizations that are using data to uncover opportunities and are applying that knowledge to differentiate themselves are the ones leading into the future. Whether looking for patterns in financial transactions to detect fraud, using recommendation engines to drive conversion, mining, social media posts for customer voice or brands personalizing their offers based on customer […]