In the automation sector, a lot of our biggest customer are in the O&G sector (extraction, refining, transportation… etc). Transitioning means moving away from these customers and potentially finding other application to our products that are suitable to the renewable energy and decarbonisation market. If this change happens too fast, then there is a risk of drop in revenue, if it doesn’t happen fast enough there are other climate related risks (including reputation).

Business opportunities :
Transition will mean many investments in new infrastructure (like Renewable Power and storage facilities) and this means new investments in automation. CO2 monitoring is also a very big opportunity

 network effects or tipping points
Some are legislation driven (like CO2 monitoring) and will create commercial opportunities. Some are social, for instance, large emitters will be struggling more and more to attract and retain talent, and therefore positioning ourselves as a company well engaged in the transition is critical

-Camille Roux