Buildings Net-Zero

Climate related risks in the real-estate, integrated facilities management and engineering business are similar to other sectors described in this forum.
•    Balancing finances to ensure positive EBITDA while meeting/exceeding global stakeholder CNZ requirements is a risk but can ultimately be overcome if the right plan is established.
•    Acquiring and implementing the necessary technology to successfully eliminate or drastically reduce emissions.
•    On-boarding the right talent and creating the necessary teams to develop tactical and strategic plans to eliminate or drastically reduce emissions.
•    Successfully generating an internal urgency to combat CNZ within the business. We need to have 100% commitment and full support from everyone within the organization. This is a sever risk if we are not successful.

•    Growth – New business (clients) under the CNZ umbrella
•    Positive EBITDA, growth for all our stakeholders
•    Investments and new acquisitions to help drive CNZ
•    Experts in the industry, specifically CNZ experts
•    Extended and or renewed contracts with existing clients

Patrick Dasis, San Diego