Bunny wif Teef

On the ALGEN chain featuring mainnet and Layer 2 capabilities, a free mint of L2 tokens is currently on offer for early adopters. Behold ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Bunny wif teef. A celebration of our fluffy friends and their chomping behaviour. The mint reserve for daily transactions can be found at the address 0x6D02B8C186665b719c574E1e4f7830fF47008001 on ALG L2. and the ticker is NN-BYT.

Please contact admin@shrimps.life for more info on the offering of this token and potential partnerships.

Smart contract address for BYT. bunnywifteef ALG L2 token.

You can access ALG tokens through the Robin Wallet. According to the Algen medium page, ALG is a hyper application blockchain that merges #AI & blockchain technology, with emphasis on the genuine service level of the network, specifically for DApps. Stay tuned for more exciting news to come.