Business Benefits

A prosperous net-zero future and business opportunities:
Long-term pathways for net zero – Signatories of the Paris Agreement must lead by developing credible country-specific LT pathways towards net zero; addressing the backlash against initiatives to green the economy.  Such apolitical strategies must outlive reigning governments to be a credible and bedrock for intergenerational policy objective.
Net zero and sustainable development goals – Climate change goals can be used to underpin a net zero private-public partnership towards a new social pact supporting new ways of achieving social development, corporate and household wealth objective. The growth-at-risk models that qualifies the benefits of new way of doing business, must be the order of the day – necessary conditions for a prosperous future.
Windfall of climate-related capex – “The transition to net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 will require an extra $3.5 trillion a year in capital spending on physical assets for energy and land-use systems , according  McKinsey report”. The multiplier effect of climate-related capital investments must be magnified – it points to sustainable profit opportunities.
Business benefits.  Transition to electric cars, participation in tree-planting activities, development of carbon hubs can benefit the business. This includes enhanced business reputation, a competitive edge, and newfound ability to attract investments. 

-By Bonakele Hlongwane from South Africa