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How humans store value

the history of money and why it matters to everyday citizens The British pound, one of the world’s oldest currencies, has a rich history that spans over 1,200 years. Its origins can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon era, where the pound was initially used as a unit of weight for silver. The name “pound” […]

Sports Asset Management

Sports asset management companies engage in a variety of profit-making activities aimed at maximizing the value and potential of their sports-related assets. These activities can include: The specific activities a sports asset management company engages in will depend on its focus, the assets it manages, and the opportunities it identifies within the sports industry. These […]

AI Robotics

Since 2024 we have become strategic investors in a VC company under incubation based in Hong Kong and India. The AI company focuses on creating unmanned electric boats in marine services for manufacture at scale, highlighting their cost-effectiveness, emission-free operation, and potential for various tasks such as pollution recovery, goods movement, and surveillance. The company’s […]

Telemedicine or HealthTech Investments

Since 2022, Social Capital Group has been a strategic shareholder at healthtech and telemedicine companies covering Southeast Asia. The companies show consistent growth in revenue and consultation volume, with a focus on financial performance, regional expansion efforts in Indonesia and Vietnam, and media outreach initiatives to raise awareness of the business. Here are some key […]

InsuraTech Investments

Today we shall discuss invested insuratech company’s Q1 2024 performance, highlighting strong YTD revenue growth of 48% YoY driven by global partnerships and new accounts, with particular success in Asia, EMEA, and the US. The company shows progress in strategic transactions, cash optimisation, and achieving key business KPIs while maintaining profitability in line with plans. […]