COP27 latest today

sharing two podcasts:

1. COP 27: A good podcast by BBC about a cynical view of investing and funding priorities in Africa at COP 27!

  1. Finally, a podcast by Azeem Azhar, a pro-innovation media hub called Exponential View. 

In this podcast he interviews Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of LanzaTech, on their approach to carbon recycling takes our polluting carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and, with the help of bacteria, turns them into ethanol. This can replace oil as the basis for carbon-based chemicals industries (e.g., fertilisers, plastics, clothing, health and beauty products, etc.), as well as offering sustainable fuel and animal feed.

-Requires a distributed, modular approach to reach industrial scale (so, not following the centralising approach of current fossil fuel industry).

-Regulatory bias towards incumbents is one of the biggest barriers they face.

-Renata Andrade, Brazil