Data Analysis v. Data Analytics

The terms Data Analysis and Data Analytics are often used interchangeably, including in this site.

However it is important to note that there is a subtle difference between the terms and meaning of the words Analysis and Analytics. In fact some people go far as saying that these terms mean different things and should not be used interchangeably. Yes, there is a technical difference…

The dictionary meanings are:

Analysis – detailed examination of the elements or structure of something

Analytics – the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics

Analysis can be done without numbers or data, such as business analysis psycho analysis, etc. Whereas Analytics, even when used without the prefix “Data”, almost invariably implies use of data for perfoming numerical manipulation and inference.

Some experts even say that Data Analysis is based on inferences based on historical data whereas Data Analytics is for predicting future performance. The design team of this site does not subscribe to this view, and you will see why in other posts as you become familiar with the terms like predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, etc.

So in this site we take a more liberal view, and use the terms Data Analysis and Data Analytics to mean the same thing.

You can obtain more information here at the Introduction to Data Analytics by IBM.