Drafting an exemplary Net-0 response

  1. The response clearly identifies an impactful decarbonisation strategy or initiative and persuasively outlines why it has been chosen. More than one associated commercial opportunity is described. The response seamlessly integrates the Four Tasks for Business and provides a well-structured and convincing justification of the link to achieving the SDGs and the Paris Agreement.
  2. he response comprehensively identifies two or more potential winners and two or more potential losers within the business and sector, with clear evidence-based explanations of why they might be positively or negatively impacted. The response demonstrates an excellent understanding of the key concepts, the anticipated and/or unintended impact of the transition and the potential for resistance.
  3. The response provides an insightful plan for how stakeholder needs will be addressed and what type of support will be provided. It includes a strong communications plan, a clear description of the required action steps and a brief outline of roles and responsibilities. The suggested metrics are workable, and the plan is convincingly formulated. All aspects of the question have been answered, and the answers show an astute understanding of the dependencies and challenges of the initiative.
  4. The structure of the response is exceptionally clear and easy to follow, and the word count limit is adhered to. Evidence of relevant further reading and independent research is clearly articulated with relevant references, practical examples, facts and data seamlessly integrated to support statements throughout.