Health over Wealth

When we think about prosperity one of the views increasingly being put forward in a net zero economy is health over wealth. Maybe we will go for a less consumer driven model where we actually put people first. A net zero economy could possibly have the following attributes:

  • different roles and jobs more linked to a green economy and helping maintain our net zero economy from energy substitution, transportation, housing and construction through to better healthcare provision

-Improved/restored biodiversity

  • Embrace change and technology
  • Improved diet and health

One of the businesses we are looking at which contributes to a circular economy, is taking waste creating energy ( including district heating), capturing C02 and then we have the option of either storage or using C02 to produce carbonates. Why is this model important, first of all it addresses landfill, secondly we are creating energy, district heating and at the same time we are able to materially save on C02. We save 5x the amount of carbon using this model compared to a normal waste to energy plant. 

-By John Richard Peachey from London, UK