Hospitality UK

Our current business model is heavily focused towards health sector and hospitality, with both under heavy strains from COVID, fossil fuel crisis, staff shortages, inflation etc. therefore we will probably have to deliver net zero at zero extra cost. 

The biggest opportunity for our sector is simply reducing reusing and recycling our waste stream. In theory we could produce enough Biofuel form our waste to run our fleet of vans twice over. However, technology is still catching up. 

Over the last three years in our sector (Hospitality) the situation has been pretty much survival first net zero second. Looking at Fish and Chips shops for example energy cost in some case has gone from £800 to £8,000 month, sunflower oil comes from Ukraine, a lot of whitefish from Russia and potatoes are not getting cheaper either. 

Therefore the two tipping points, not unique to our sector, I can identify are:

Better economic climate to create long term planning horizon. Our sector is looking 3 month ahead and is hoping for an extra ordinary Christmas trade after 2020 and 2021 wipe out. 

Emergence of new business models, customers being paid for their waste, rather than having to pay for collections. 

Daniel Damme, UK