Investment Banks and driving capital

An investment bank / financing institution plays a pivotal role in driving capital towards the complementary assets which in turn means rewiring your own organisation to have a better understanding of the challenges of the future world and provide the support / advisory to the clients  when pursuing decarbonisation linked capital raises, establish future financial and ESG targets, communicating it to the market, doing valuation and due diligence keeping in mind the impact of human, social and natural capital of a particular transaction and ascribing positive / negative value to it – all of the above requires in house capability of employees with experience and skill sets to be able to deliver this to the clients

If there was a reassessment of wealth, the investment in the above would create a differentiation and increase the value of assets (enriched human capital), it would mean more support towards financing long term transition projects which will be carried in the books at additional value (taking into account its social, human and natural impact) and act as an hedge towards declining value of traditional assets in the books (loan to a coal / fossil fuel company).

-Srishiti Tulsyan, UK