is the N word the only viable option?

Michael Shellenberger, a lifelong environmentalist, told us in 2019 why solar and wind renewables also do harm.

Some people propose that nuclear energy is a “clean” energy. This video certainly seems to make a convincing case. After a bit of googling, I can’t be sure if what he is advocating for is actually in the global best interest. This article seems to shed light on some of the conspiracy theories behind his affiliations. Having said that, there’s no denying that nuclear is much more efficient in energy production than any other, but for the fact that we still haven’t figured how to deal with radio active waste that will outlive every single human being alive today and then some. The biggest issue however, may just be the geo-political risk that accumulation of uranium makes nuclear weapons way too easy.

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Invest AI
投資者對人工智慧 (AI) 的熱情推動美國股市在 2024 年初創下多個歷史新高。人工智慧相關股票,尤其是大型股的強勁表現,讓一些市場觀察人士質疑,這是否類似於2000年破裂的互聯網泡沫。 我們仍然將人工智慧視為近代史上最具革命性的技術進步之一,這是一個多年的機遇。它才剛剛開始出現在公司的底線中。 自去年以來發生了很多事情,因此我們正在總結我們目前對人工智慧股票的看法,以及該技術可能採取的下一步行動和全球人工智慧的前景。 我們強調,人工智慧必須被視為一種全球現象,我們不建議只投資美國公司。我們還認為,至關重要的是,想要購買人工智慧的投資者必須確保投資組合能夠接觸到從基礎設施到軟體和人工智慧應用的整個人工智慧價值鏈中的公司。我們看到了該技術的“推動者”和“採用者”的潛在機會。 又大又閃亮?是的。泡沫?不。 人工智慧股票正在上漲,因為投資者一直在對技術需求處於長期增長期開始的跡象做出反應。自 2023 年初以來,人工智慧相關股票的回報率比美國和全球指數高出 …