IT Network R&Opp

Which risks do you think will be the most challenging? 

Within the IT network sector, the biggest risks will be to do nothing or not being transparent in reporting.  Technology is and always has been evolving, and trust is a major issue.  With the network being the core of a business, it holds all the critical and sensitive information.  so, building trust of new products and ideas will also be pivotal to change.  From a reporting aspect, with much of a network being in scope 3 and indirect services, transparency is vital to avoid ‘kicking it down the path’ as too hard to calculate and removing from the boundaries of work

What business opportunities related to the net zero transition do you think will be the most relevant or beneficial? 

 The most beneficial will be EPD’s of all products and services.  The difficulty will be getting there.

Can you identify any network effects or tipping points that could influence the transition towards net zero?

The tipping points network effects that will drive change will be two-fold. Firstly, political regulations and intervention to ensure every business reports must include scope three and embedded carbon.  The second will be technology being able to report ‘true’ figures that are trusted.  

Carole OBrien, UK