LDCs path to Net-Zero

A Net Zero future could allow for a more prosperous world for all people as outlined in the WRI article in the example where LDCs seize the opportunity to leapfrog carbon-intensive technologies. Instead LDCs could directly adopt newer technologies such as renewable energy at optimal points in their cost curves, leveraging the experience of developed countries hence providing cheap energy without emissions to assist in their development.  This is similar to what occurred with mobile phone technology in some LDC countries which never had extensive landlines.

In relation specifically to my consulting work, a net zero future provides my company with:

·       more revenue generating opportunities through various forms of net zero advice, specifically as it relates to client investments and policies; and also

·       opportunities to be a leader in net zero, contribute to real world change by educating our clients and advocating for sustainable investments and looking beyond pure returns, but considering how net zero aligned investments are prudent as they mitigate a raft of risks, including climate risks, physical risks, reputational risk and stranded asset risk.


-By Angela Ruchin from Sydney