Learning New Standards

Looking through a crystal ball, to start with, it will be a celebration and development of behavior change for healthier generations.  

This would create new industries with aligned synergy and jobs associated with technology, innovation, manufacturing, recycling, and green fuels while ensuring our GHG is within global verified standards. 

To keep this prosperity ticking the CAPEX and OPEX need to be redesigned to ensure they are aligned with the Net Zero strategy.  Additionally, it would be assumed by then, we will be living with a refreshed curriculum in our education systems inclusive of Climate Change,  Carbon Neutral, Net Zero, and similar topics.

Indeed the dramatic benefits will be for the poorer economies but I feel they will be the most creative as they are used to making the most with the minimum. These economics have the need due to survival reasons, eg: In India recycling of paper, metal, plastic, and glass bottles are part of the culture where it is collected from homes by a “Kabadi wala” (scrap collector). This may not have been for Climate reasons, but for economical reasons.

 This can give us a glimpse of how it is done to date.  

-By Sunil Talwar from Hong Kong