Net-0 Education

Production of Service in the Education sector is indeed the teaching ideologies and resources that are critical to fighting climate change! 
Young people are more concerned about climate change and its effects on the planet than any other generation. Organizations and Governments are providing guidance and resources similar to the Net Zero Challenge, which is a project-based activity for young people to help their local community reach Net Zero and accelerate the process.

Hood River Middle School Music and Science building was certified as the first Net Zero Energy building in the US in 2014. The learning modalities generated a straight-line continuum from the garden to the greenhouse to the lab, where students move freely between research, ideation, and construction. An outdoor classroom amphitheater is a focal point of the building and provides a community gathering space for the weekly farmers market on the site. 

 This was a radical achievement during its time and, indeed, has had a high impact. A 10-year review clearly states they are still on this innovative path, and for me, this is a Paradigm shift/innovation. 

-Sunil Talwar, Hong Kong