Net-Zero Loan Book

When thinking of investments that need to be made for our organisation to remain profitable in the net zero transition I highlight the following points:
Lending portfolio while our loan book nowadays still covers many outstanding loans that do not faciliate climate stability (by financing GHG emissing activities) and a healthy ecosystem, we need to steer our portfolio towards investments only supporting the net zero transition. A challenge here is that, some of the UN’s SDG’s may contradict in certain situations. For example, financing a coal plant in a developing country brings affordable energy but it does not facilitate limiting GHG emissions.
People & knowledge the amount of staff in our organisation contributing to make positive climate impact is increasing every day. To become fully net zero I believe we need to involve everyone in the organisation. Re-purposing our economic system should become as apparent as delivering an excellent customer experience. Increasing environmental and social knowledge will require investments, as well as making necessary organisational changes to ‘Put sustainability at the heart of what we do’. I was happy to see that this vision has been put at the core of our strategy earlier this year. 

Jim van Cappelle, Netherlands