Net0 Beverages

  1. Risks: 
  • suppliers adopting Net Zero SBT’s and actioning upon it
  • regulatory framework that is clear, well thought-through technically and economically viable
  • having closed loop circularity with reuse of post-consumer packaging / decreasing waste
  • consumer adoption of more environmentally-friendly packaging (as sometimes this requires extra efforts, e.g. collecting / returning)
  1. Opportunities:
  • decrease of operational costs due to energy and water use ratio improvements
  • more resilient supply chain after shifting to renewables / in-house recycled materials production technologies
  • innovative packaging solutions that can bring competitive advantage
  • beverages reformulations that can drive lesser COGS
  • lower carbon footprint portfolio that can help customers (retailers) to deliver on their NZ targets and thus putting such a producer as preferential supplier
  • communities support; stronger employer branding helping to attract best talents
  1. Network effects:
  • Collaboration within industry in transition to less-carbon packaging and shifting consumer patterns.
  • Premiumizing portfolio through less-carbon innovations that can create a network effect to mainstream portfolio
  • Consumers adopting new habits of using recycled or reusable packaging for their beverages that will create a new level playing field
  • New recycling technologies becoming widespread

– Kateryna Ryabets, Switzerland