Opportunities to Prosper

Question 1: More prosperous world 

A healthier environment (better air quality, less cardiovascular diseases due to mainly plant based diets, more cycling, etc. will reduce the costs for the health care system and improve the quality of life for many people. The money saved could be used for the following:

research on (rare) inevitable disease, boosting innovation 
a better health care coverage for everyone
reduced health-care contributions
Question 2: New opportunities

(I’d like to discuss this question pointing out an aspect that’s relevant for the pharmaceutical industry)

Even if achieving net zero and reaching the 1.5°C goal, the climate change related spread of vector-borne disease also in the wealthier regions of the world will lead to an increased demand in new treatments, vaccines, and drugs. Under the pre-condition of a moderate climate change that still allows for a manufacturing strategy that can be adjusted to its consequences (such as well choosen locations for manufacturing sites, new working time models, etc.) the availability of the necessary work force and the stability of the corresponding supply chains can be obtained while driving innovation as well as economic growth.

-By Miriam Schirmbeck from Marburg Germany