Overcoming barriers to organisational change

Sue Garrard discusses her experience as the Executive Vice Principle of Sustainable Business and Communications at Unilever and some of the steps necessary for driving organisational change. She also outlines the challenges she encountered and overcame as well as the lessons learned while driving sustainability across her organisation.

Sue Garrard posed four key questions for you to consider when instigating and driving organisational change. These were the following:

  1. Will it drive growth?
  2. Will it reduce cost in the long term?
  3. Will it mitigate climate-related risk?
  4. Will it build trust?

As you read through the practical steps for driving change in the following sections, reflect on these questions. By answering these questions, you are equipping yourself with responses to stakeholders in your organisation who may be sceptical of the need to transform the organisation to a net zero business.