The opportunity that a net zero future provides us all the opportunity to radically rethink our current overconsumption of resources;  and focus on reuse or circularity of resources which will encourage innovation and new business opportunities.  Domestic households will have major shifts across renewable energy sources eg solar & battery, transition to hybrid / electric transport over ICE models – and indeed reducing our existing reliance on these due to increased support of public ‘green’ transport, move to reduced consumption of meat products to ‘grow you own’ gardens.  These small switches in our living behaviours transition to new industry developments, adoption of emerging ‘smart home’ technology & indeed use of ‘green’ building materials in the first place.
Personally, this future will certainly support my personal Consulting business as I already work within the Circular Supply Chain sector; and coupling with sustainability & decarbonisation programs provides outstanding opportunities to work with organisations to really impact benefits for business.   This requires critical collaboration and major shifts to ‘think global, act local’ supporting the value chains where there are often reciprocal benefits for organisations. Organisations that will lead this transition with clear goals will become leaders in their sectors; and attract the best talent to continue their success. 

-By Brendan Patrick Okeeffe from Sydney Australia