Plant-based Meat

Climate change affecting agricultural productivity and viability of the agricultural produce that our business/industry needs to produce plant based product. 

  • Near/mid term risks: more frequent, extreme, and unpredictable weather events put agriculture in an extremely vulnerable position. This is a severe supply chain issue for food business. 
  • Mid/long term risks: climate zones shifts lead to desertification and land degradation. We are facing a rapid pace of soil erosion. Sea levels are not only rising but turning acidic. Climate risk for the food business goes beyond just weather patterns. It is/will change the way and our ability to grow food.  
  • Indirect risks affect everything from energy, transportation, to infrastructure in the value chain of the business. For example, how food is transported; major disruption of utilities.

Our main business opportunity is consumers choosing more and more to replace meat with plant-based foods in their diets, as a way of reducing their carbon footprint.

-Yang Bu, Singapore

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  1. hahamama Post author

    Thank you Sunil. This is Nat Geo piece is visual and compelling in the story telling. I also wanted to share this with you and others: I find this super helpful and well produced. Check it out!

  2. hahamama Post author

    Great point and great source, so my thoughts around this scenario would involve engineering solutions to mitigate this risk. If we pass the tipping point and can not avoid the shorelines disappearing, engineered solutions must be implemented. Couple of ideas;

    Net Zero Carbon Emissions Desalination plants. The desalinated water can be piped to regions with low water supply to help restore reservoirs, it can be piped to large agricultural farming communities. These are a few examples and I’m sure there are more ideas but to emphasize, this not the preferred outcome but if we pass the tipping point, some sort of action needs to implemented to help off set the rise in sea levels. -Patrick Dasis ( , San Diego

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