Prosperity in Net-0

In my opinion, prosperity in a net zero economy means a global transition of the energy sector from fossil based to carbon-zero sources;  It means a revolution in the food and agriculture sector where climate resilience is built into it. It means a robust education system that empowers future generations and inspires climate actions; It means hundreds of millions of green jobs created not just in developed countries but across the world; It means the retirement of old infrastructure, replacing it with one that’s rebuilt for a climate resilient future; It means financiers and investors clean up dirty portfolios and companies not only decarbonize themselves but become the accelerators of technology and design that are geared towards solving climate issues. It also means when we as a society are doing all this, we are very deliberate in being inclusive of women, children, and the most climate vulnerable communities and countries, making that a forethought, leaving no-one behind. In this future, countries and state leaders need to collaborate and work together so we can take humans off of the endangered species list.

-By Yang Bu from Singapore