Rich and Poor

To share prosperity, we will need a high engagement from rich countries with poor countries, we will need collaboration to create and innovate on new products and services.

I believe a prosperous world full of opportunities is possible, sectors and governments must innovate on renewable materials, efficiency improvement, collaboration between sectors, new technologies, clean energy, all these are already ongoing, but we must boost all the knowledge we already have and partner with governments for example for creation of incentives, this is how we will be able to scale up this new low carbon society.  

I see many new opportunities in the future, clean energy still not very accessible, and is expensive, circularity of products still very much in the beginning we need better solutions to be able to achieve circularity at full, we need new technologies to address difficult circularity efforts in products like for example dippers. We need to innovate, have the possibility of choosing a renewable product instead of a fossil fuel one, the market still very incipient on offering options to common public.  So, I foresee many opportunities in all sectors of products and services, but collaboration is key in this process.

-by Carem Zanardo Maiera from Brazil