Risks, Opportunities, and Network Effects

Transition risk is the most challenging.

In any transformation efforts, definitely there is a lot of work need to be done and the most tough job as it is involved changes in policy and regulation, technological and institutional innovation or changing consumer behaviour. E.g when we converse about consumer behavior, mindset change is key.


As the organization is moving towards progressive energy, there is a lot of opportunities to be explore with new traditional areas related energy such as renewables, solar, circular economy and many more. As this is new, the extensiveness on the awareness campaign, learning and capability development is one of the critical items that needs to be put in place now. There is an opportunity to collaborate with education sectors i.e university, vocational etc.

Network effects or tipping points

Dedicated teams to focus and support from government is one of the tipping points. As we are gearing up towards this, there is a lot of collaborations and co-creations efforts started and needs to be accelerate further with the organization between energy sectors itself as primary and other organizations and NGOs.

-Mohamad Faizul Bin Nawi, Malaysia