The opportunity for us lays with the future of the outdoor sports, we all play sports and we’ve been doing this for this for as long as human kind exist. To be able to keep out sports mentality and opportunities we need to focus on a more sustainable world to make sure we still have fresh air to breath in while playing soccer outside, go skiing of climb mountains. We could and should use this as an incentive for our customers/employees/company to start this movement. As Decathlon we want to fight for a sustainable playground all over the world, this has a lot of potential to work with the right incentive and story to tell and show to the people around us.

-By Bodine van Dijk from Netherlands

Hello @Bodine van Dijk , do you think Decathlon can move towards Carbon negative?

Net zero: Net zero means that any carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere from the company’s activities is balanced by an equivalent amount being removed.

Carbon neutral: Carbon neutral is slightly different, allowing companies to measure the amount of carbon they release and offset that with a reduction in emissions or a removal of carbon. This can include buying carbon credits to make up the difference, making it appealing to companies that produce a lot of emissions.

Carbon negative: The next step – becoming carbon negative – requires a company to remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emits.

-By Renata Andrade from Brazil