Sustainable Upskilling

I also work in consultancy and echo those points. Significant investments are being made in hiring sustainability professionals, training and upskilling on net zero, partnerships and building digital tools to support corporate and government clients in their net zero transition. This opens the business to the net zero advisory market to increase market share and the integration of sustainability into existing offerings also mitigates risk of reputational damage or litigation in facilitating business activity at the expense of environmental damage. 

If wealth was reassessed in a net zero economy, these initiatives would build human capital in terms of skills, capabilities and resource and intangible assets (via software solutions, data and IP) to support the net zero transition. Social capital would improve as stakeholders are increasingly encouraged to collaborate with each other. These services would support the recovery and preservation of natural capital, and as more stakeholders are actively engaged in the climate agenda, there is a virtuous cycle with an increasing number of business opportunities for consultancies and other organisations. 

-Shreya Dholakia