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How humans store value

the history of money and why it matters to everyday citizens The British pound, one of the world’s oldest currencies, has a rich history that spans over 1,200 years. Its origins can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon era, where the pound was initially used as a unit of weight for silver. The name “pound” […]

Hong Kong Climate Action

The Paris Agreement designated the Global Stocktake as a process to assess climate action progress every five years and to provide a basis for more ambitious initiatives. The first Stocktake was concluded during the UN’s annual Climate Conference held in Dubai, UAE (“COP28”), covering scopes of mitigation, adaptation, finance, loss and damage, and other emerging topics. At the business level, there are […]

Time. Our most valuable resource

Time, as a finite and irreversible part of our life that we will never get back, is arguably the most prized possession of any human being. We have only so much time in our lives, and there’s no way to extend the 24 hours to each day even if we keep traveling against the direction […]

Batteries – energy storage

Within the infrastructure sector (energy), one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle is battery storage. There are a multitude of technologies developing, though it’s not yet clear whether any will replace lithium batteries and solve the issue of limited resources such as lithium.  A recent development in battery storage is a concentrated solar […]

Innovative solution: FOG to Fuel  

Background: While vegetable oils are the primary feedstocks for biodiesel and other biofuel production, the rapidly-growing demand for transportation biofuels worldwide is pushing up the cost for these feedstocks. Since feedstocks can represent up to 80 percent of operational expenses for biofuel production, the use of waste fats, oils and grease (FOG) offers another option. […]