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Hong Kong Climate Action

The Paris Agreement designated the Global Stocktake as a process to assess climate action progress every five years and to provide a basis for more ambitious initiatives. The first Stocktake was concluded during the UN’s annual Climate Conference held in Dubai, UAE (“COP28”), covering scopes of mitigation, adaptation, finance, loss and damage, and other emerging topics. At the business level, there are […]

Carbon Markets HK

Despite their immense potential, carbon markets face several significant challenges. https://www.fsdc.org.hk/en/media/carbon-markets-in-hong-kong-working-towards-net-zero# Seeing sustainability as the key to a better future, many countries have embarked on their sustainability journey of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by mid-century, collective efforts have surged globally across sectors in combating climate change. Among these, Mainland China has pledged to reach a […]

Carbon Trade: a primer

In a nutshell, carbon markets are trading systems in which carbon credits are sold and bought. Companies or individuals can use carbon markets to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing carbon credits from entities that remove or reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One tradable carbon credit equals one tonne of carbon dioxide or the […]