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How humans store value

the history of money and why it matters to everyday citizens The British pound, one of the world’s oldest currencies, has a rich history that spans over 1,200 years. Its origins can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon era, where the pound was initially used as a unit of weight for silver. The name “pound” […]

Carbon Markets HK

Despite their immense potential, carbon markets face several significant challenges. https://www.fsdc.org.hk/en/media/carbon-markets-in-hong-kong-working-towards-net-zero# Seeing sustainability as the key to a better future, many countries have embarked on their sustainability journey of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by mid-century, collective efforts have surged globally across sectors in combating climate change. Among these, Mainland China has pledged to reach a […]

References 5 Dec

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References VUCA

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