Teaching Net-Zero

Hello everybody, my name is Renata Marson Teixeira de Andrade, from Brazil and have been living in Brazil for the past 14 years,  have traveled and spent 12  years in several countries prior to move back to Brazil: USA, England and few Latin America and Caribbean countries. I have earned my degree in Chemical Engineering and before starting my masters in Energy from the University of São Paulo, I was a volunteer young lady implementing solar panels and planting agroforest agriculture/permacutlure in off grid indigenous and quilombola communities in Bolivia and Brazil. I earned my PhD degree and post doc in Energy and Resources from the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California at Berkeley,  working on environmental history, political ecology of climate change vulnerability, looking at social impacts of energy expansion in Brazil. In the past 20 years, I have been working in the interface of energy and resources sustainability, environmental and climate justice, climate change vulnerability, adaptation, and mitigation.  My jobs have ranged from tutoring, teaching and researching (as a lecturer at UCBerkeley and as a professor for the Universidade Catolica de Brasilia), and consultancy (mostly for large international environmental consultancy company Environmental Resources Management; multinational NGO, World Resources Institute, and World Bank, GEF, FAO  and CIFOR/ ICRAF, and federal and local Brazilian government environmental agencies. I have been helping to build the environmental and climate policy strategy, planning and implementing sustainable cities and rural projects and programs

Hope you can all check this one to mind the gap of net zero opportunities:

-from Renata Marson Teixeira de Andrade from Brazil


And for the Forest Sector, a future of possibilities of cobenefits, I am glad I was able to review this report