Time. Our most valuable resource

Time, as a finite and irreversible part of our life that we will never get back, is arguably the most prized possession of any human being.

We have only so much time in our lives, and there’s no way to extend the 24 hours to each day even if we keep traveling against the direction of the sun.

Because of the scarcity of time, we ought to be incredibly conscious about how we spend it. Considering the infinite demands on our time and scarcity and even urgency of it, what defines us as human beings is the choices that we make in investing time. Our allocation of time serves as a direct reflection of our priorities, values, aspirations and ambitions. In this page, we are going to examine the individual and collective preferences, societal values, and the meanings people attach to symbols by how one distributes time.

And it comes as no surprise that work, gainful employment, investigations into how to make more money seems to take up so much of our time. When we work, we are remunerated for our time spent in the form of money. For one to obtain money, one must be part of the labour force and exchange time and skills for it. Money as remunerated labour becomes a storage of time, that stored value then enables the labourer to spend it on things in the future such as, housing in a location that we feel safe and creates a sense of belonging; acquiring and sharing food that aligns with our tastes; experiencing entertainment; acquiring objects that enhances our home and our sense of identity; investing in education for our children; inter alia.

So far so good, and yet, good intentions can go awry so easily…