WEF Global Risks

There is a very key report on Global Risks by the World economic Forum, and for sure risks related to the net zero transition, building bridges in the fault lines divide. In the oil industry, the major risk is unemployment, so there is an enormous opportunity to re-skilling, as in 2050 42 million people could be employed in renewable energy compared to 11 million in 2018. There is a great opportunity to people learn new skills to grasp these opportunities, if the right policy and incentives are at place at the right time. 

The time to act is now, business together with government and civil society to make this transition fair and inclusive.  I think the perception about the critical threat timeline is quite interesting, as a visual to how different risks can be perceived as increasing or decreasing over time, see technical analysis by the WEF!

-Renata Andrade, Brazil. full post here.